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About Dr. Bushman

Dr. Bushman received his undergrad at Brigham Young University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He later graduated from Logan University, College of Chiropractic with a second Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences, a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Masters in Sports Rehabilitation. He was also awarded for his excellent use and knowledge of the Logan Basic technique. He has spent countless hours volunteering his doctoring skills to many sports teams, including the Mizzou Tigers, the semi-pro Laurel Locos, the semi-pro Billings Extreme, and the Roundup Panthers High School sports teams.

Dr. Bushman is a family man, with a wife and five children. He can testify the impact regular chiropractic treatments have had on his own family. Through his own experiences he has seen how chiropractic care can benefit people of all ages. Having one's nervous system inline and giving it the ability to communicate properly with the rest of the body can make such a difference in the life of the patient. He loves seeing his patient’s quality of life improve.

He has also implemented good health choices in his own life and followed the Billing’s Last Diet to lose over 60 pounds. He firmly believes that chiropractic care goes hand in hand with a healthy life.

Services he focuses on:

  • Myofascial release and sports rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive spinal analysis
  • Extremity work
  • Manual and activator adjustments

About Dr. Nebeker

”I knew healthcare was going to be my choice of profession at an early age. As I progressed into my high school years my father’s back gave him problems. I watched as surgery after surgery to correct his problems failed. There had to be a better way. My mother who had watched my father go through his struggles started having trouble herself and was slated for back surgery. A personal family friend, a chiropractor, encouraged my mother to postpone her surgery and spend a few weeks under chiropractic care. To date, my mother has not had to have surgery.

Graduating with a degree in Biology, I knew that organisms had a great potential to heal themselves and questioned why conventional medicine often took the most extreme routes to health, those of drugs or surgery, when less invasive methods often showed more promise with less side effects. Yes, there are times and places where intervention needs to take place but so many people just needed to be pointed in a new direction. I knew then and there I didn’t want to cure disease, but rather educate people on how to avoid it in the first place.

Chiropractic gives me that wonderful opportunity to see people before they get to the point of needing drugs and surgery. I have the ability to tweak the human experience through adjusting. I am especially grateful for the patients that I see, many of whom have failed in the medical model and with little hope, enter my office. I have seen lives change, experiences enriched, and smiles placed on faces where once pain ruled.”


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